If you tend to be easily distracted when writing, take a look at Momentum Writer by Black Obelisk Software. Fire it up and your display resembles a screen reminiscent of blank paper. That means the too-easy-to-click-on impulse links to email and browsers are hidden, thus keeping your focus on writing. It does not allow for easy editing, and knowing this will keep you pushing forward.

The background and typeface colors are adjustable, as well as the font.

Best of all, it’s free. I’ve used it for a few years now. It’s good.

Momentum Writer

Okay, so maybe you’re a total slacker, the type who has the attention span of a gnat. I have days like that, too. When I need to get writing done fast and I’m zoning-out, Write or Die is my next go-to choice.

Write or Die can be a sinister program. Depending on how you set it up, we’re talking dire consequences if you don’t keep writing. At its most extreme setting, it will delete (unwrite) your work, which can pretty much suck. Great motivator, though.

If you’re the type who needs a cattle prod to get out of the bed in the morning or who responds well to threats, this program is for you.

It’s available in both desktop and iPad versions. $10 and worth every dime.

Write or Die


NaNoWriMo is looming. If you’re taking that dive, either of these will come in handy.


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2 Responses to This One’s Free – Momentum Writer

  1. I find scrivener in full screen mode is good for eliminating distractions too. It definitely deters the first impulse to click across to facebook… although not necessarily the second. The mere thought of Write or Die terrifies me. Not. Going. There!

    • Erica Miles says:

      I like Scrivener’s full screen option, too, although it lets you edit…my downfall. You’re spot-on about Write or Die. It’s not for the faint of heart and is never my first choice. *sigh* Some days that extra kick in the pants is just necessary.