Today is National Pumpkin Cutting Day, at least in our house. My husband and I created this holiday out of a need to maintain our sanity. One forceful, only child vs. two parents. Score: him.

By age four, my son Chance ceaselessly nagged us about holiday preparations at least a month in advance. In retrospect, his pestering worked pretty well, probably because it’s a natural extension of his personality. He’s doggedly persistent.

Easter? We hung decorations way ahead of time so the Bunny could plan where to leave the basket.

Christmas? Mid-November looked good. The stores were already decked-out, right?

So, in early October when piles of pumpkins for sale appeared on roadsides and in parking lots, of course he wanted to celebrate early. He began the usual repeated asking.

We live in hot, humid South Georgia, and the idea of a cut pumpkin sitting on my porch for three weeks made me shudder — bugs and rot at my front door. So, in a stroke of parental genius, we created National Pumpkin Cutting Day. We told him that everyone waited until the day before Halloween to carve. It was a national event, after all. He bought into the lie idea and, from age four through high school, we carved on October 30, never earlier.

Because we did this for about thirteen years, we’ve wondered why he hasn’t mentioned pumpkin carving since he left for college. I suspect Zach ratted us out. (Zach was Chance’s best friend in high school, who became his college roommate.)

Chance: Wish I were home. It’s National Pumpkin Cutting Day.

Zach: Uh, what?

Chance: You know, Pumpkin Day. When you carve the Halloween pumpkin.

Zach: (pauses and then snickers) Your parents.

Chance: (puzzled look)

Zach: Dude, they got you again.

Knowing Chance and Zach as I do, this was exactly how it happened. Or maybe Chance still thinks October 30 is a national event. Again, he hasn’t mentioned it since he left for college. *sigh*  I’ve a feeling all our hard work unraveled. Higher education and exposure to questionable elements do that.

I still think National Pumpkin Carving Day is a stellar idea and, once Chance starts a family, I’m certain he will too. I’m thinking of adding National Christmas Tree Decorating Day to our repertoire. The grandchildren will love it. It has possibilities, don’t you think?



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