Okay. So I was bored.


5 Responses to Pulp Birthday Cover

  1. Susie Charles says:

    Happy birthday!! But, honey, you sound like a writer in need of inspiration and some excitement. Never fear, I just sent a very perky birthday card to you with a nice little bit of ‘Art’ (Tom? note I said ‘Art’, right?) on the front to your email address. Much better than aliens 😉

    • Erica Miles says:

      SUZ!!! Hearing from you is the best birthday present! What a terrific surprise!

      And you remembered…you know how I love art. (Lowercase intentional.) Now if I could just sneak away from those pesky aliens and check my email…I think Tom’s in collusion with them.

      Big hugs 🙂

  2. Heh – I saw Nathan Bransford featuring these. But, bored on your birthday?! Noooo! You clearly need more cake!
    Happy Birthday.