About Me


I spin dark, sexy tales from a seaside town in southern Georgia, where the neighbors would be scandalized if they had an inkling of what goes on in front of my computer late nights.

My initial trek into fiction stemmed from a love of Jane Austen’s works. After penning four Pride and Prejudice contemporary adaptations — each becoming successively more explicit — I decided to leave poor Jane’s characters alone and to create my own to terrorize.

Always edgy and often erotic, my stories blend romance and mystery with metaphysical and ancient magical themes.

Awards for my fiction include:

  • Amber Quill Publishing Heat Wave Contest – Winner
  • Firthness Challenge – First Place/Winner
  • The Molly (HODRW) – First Place/Winner
  • Launching A Star (STAR) – First Place/Winner
  • Summer Sizzler (OVRWA) – First Place/Winner
  • The Beacon (FCRW) – Second Place
  • Heart to Heart (SFA RWA) – Second Place

I’m also a non-fiction author with three titles released under pen names.